Welcome to the first ever Gift of Gun

We’re so excited to welcome you to the first ever Gift of Gun event going down Thursday January 24th from 6-9pm at The Range 702 in Las Vegas… Our title sponsor is United Tactical Federation and we are thrilled that they are a part of this event!

Influencer marketing is big way that companies can get to their potential customers.. Knowing that, we put together this event which is mimicked from the gifting suites that go on during the Grammys, Super Bowl, Sundance Film Festival and more! These suites gift celebrities and influencers with an array of products hoping that they will be seen in media, tv, magazines, or on social media accounts.

The gun industry is a high user of Influencers marketing due to the limitations set by Facebook and Instagram. So we decided that we would create a single night during shot show, to bring those influencers in for food, shooting, fun and most of all, gifting of THIRTY-SIX or more sponsors products!!

We had no clue when we started this event planning that it would get as popular as it has. So between Sponsors, Influencers, VIP and staff, the event is almost full! The influencers get access to everything, but it will also be open to the general public. There will be sponsors selling product if they want, and you will be able to demo some of the sponsors guns, or pay for ammo and shoot some of the FUN GUNS The Range 702 has to offer!

Either way, the event looks to be a great evening of networking and fun so we look forward to seeing and meeting everyone!! Thank you in advance to all of the Sponsors, The Range 702, and all of my friends who have made this event happen!

-Tracy Lee instagram.com/tracyguns


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